When it comes to the Lord’s day of rest, one would like to assume that all of mankind are brunch enthusiasts and sun worshipers. Yet, despite brunch becoming the hottest commodity since sliced bread, I still find myself having to explain to people what the brunch culture is and why brunch in fact, is "Such A Thing". 

We recently had the pleasure of spending the day with renowned brunch connoisseur Chef Izzy to get her take on the Sunday brunch culture, and by "Sunday Brunch" we mean brunching 24/7, 365. And as tradition has it, we said "to hell with it", stepping into the ultimate brunch archetype by getting the brunching legend's input on a fine Sunday in November.

"Welcome to Miami: America's Neverland."

In addition to being the publicized playground for every aspiring Peter Pan IRL, we're also going to coin it the "Holy Land of All Things Brunch." Boasting mega-yachts, model-esque beach bodies that adorn every grain of sand on South Beach, the bottomless pits of bubbly, and of course a couple of other non-publicized cultural staples; Miami is the absolute quintessence of what we stand for.

Chef Izzy arrives to our agreed upon spot of brunch fabulosity; none other than Seaspice, precisely at the strike of noon. As she opens the menu, she admits she feels like she's "opening Pandora's box, because once you get to brunch you never know how or where your day will end up." She sums it up with three words, "Brunch. Is. Magical." As our server approaches, I'm curious to see what our esteemed guest of honor's choice of brunch poison is. Is she a mimosa girl who sips on the bubbles with an infusion of Vitamin C or does she like to infuse her heart with warmth by sipping on a Peach Bellini over egg yolks and lobster?

Right on cue, it seems that we all sang in unison in the words of Amy Schumer, "Mimosas, hold the orange juice!"... And that my friends was the beginning of something beautiful. As our bubbles arrive and we place our orders for their infamous Lobster Benedict, we dive right into our first order of business and ask Chef Izzy the question we've all been waiting for.. "Why Is Brunch Such A Thing?"

Chef Izzy dissects the entire concept of this glorious thing called "BRUNCH", as not just a thing but as an entity; an utterly liberating conceptualization all too often labeled as simply "a socially acceptable excuse to day drink." Izzy goes into further detail by saying, "Brunch is a thing, because it's an experience. Brunch isn't just a meeting, or a segment of your day, but rather a state of mind; a lifestyle if you will. Brunch days are your days of everlasting bliss. It's not just a brief outing, it's the beginning of a day with a strong potential for endless possibilities post-brunch." As Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) taught us oh so well in Mean Girls, "the limit does not exist". And now in an unlikely twist of fate, we're now comparing "Math-letes" to Mimosas and we are here for it!

image of brunch mimosas at wooden dining table

As fate continues to grace us as we reminisce on the resemblance between America's favorite past-time and our favorite 20th century films, Izzy proceeds to highlight the similarities between brunch and Disney's The Lion King, when she says, "Brunch is like the millennial way of saying "Hakuna Matata". Whenever it's brunch day, rest assured the rest of your day will be care-free, spontaneous and possibly slightly wild. You never really know what will happen on a day of brunching, and living in the moment and in those levels of spontaneity, are what make brunch so epic."

As we relish in our own greatness over the gentle musical scores whispering through the Seaspice aura, we delve into the delicacies that laid the stepping stones for this brazen bruncher that is in our midst. You see, for most people a brunch that suffices is a couple of poached eggs & a rationalized dollop of pink sauce, paired with a couple of English muffins (no garnish, no lox, no bubbles from the land of the French); aka the most basic version of Eggs Benedict known to mankind.

But for Chef Izzy, this couldn't be further from reality, when it comes to the way she indulges in brunch. She describes "brunch as a form of art." Upon elaboration, she tells us that "the formula for brunch is not a simple compilation of stereotypical ingredients but rather a delectable fusion of breakfast and lunch foods with some "cheffy flairs" and THAT is what creates a distinguished brunch for the most particular palates."

image of lobster with a glass of white wine at white table setting

As our insatiable appetites begin to dissipate thanks to the exquisite brunch fare that Seaspice serves, Chef Izzy elaborates on how she rose to notoriety in the brunch game. She tells us that "in Peru as a child", she was "constantly brunching at the Country Club" with her grandparents ", enjoying an array of cuisine anywhere from the traditional Eggs Benedict right through to Peruvian specialties such as Pan Con Lomo & Pan Con Chicharron." As she extracted the fine fare of the Peruvian brunch menus and channeled her creativity into eclectic culinary masterpieces, she then transitioned into the "Beverly Hills Brunch-i-nista", hosting exquisite brunches for a plethora of Beverly Hills Housewives and their ravenous counterparts.

As I myself possess what I like to term "an organic obsession", I was compelled to ask Chef Izzy's opinion on where to buy the ingredients for such luxury brunches! She then went on to explain that when she's in the Beverly Hills vicinity, she "sources ingredients strictly from the market of the elite also known as, Bristol Farms." As she sips the remains of her mimosa, we audibly notice the shift in her tone as she conveys "the gravity of the situation, should you choose not to source only the freshest of ingredients."

She explains, "fresh, high quality, organic, non-GMO ingredients truly make a difference and Bristol Farms does an exceptional job at providing this caliber of ingredients 24/7, 365." And if not in L.A./Bev Hills, then she "heads to local farmer's markets to not only mingle with the locals, but also to maintain the high standard of cuisine", that her esteemed reputation has been built upon.

image of avocado toast with poached eggs for brunch

Considering the brunch fit for "Her Royal Majesty" that we spent the afternoon devouring, shall we expect Chef Izzy to be indulging in something so lavish every time she brunches? She giggles as we ask her and then proceeds to state, that "for individuals such as myself, brunch isn't a weekly outing. Au contraire, it's a lifestyle."

Despite her love for lox and lobster, her brunch go-to is "Avocado Toast". She clarifies, that "avocado toast is definitely a must-have at every brunch! Ripe avocados + freshly toasted bread is like walking straight into the tastebuds of heaven." Lest we forget the expansive range of decadent toppings for avocado toast and "Voila! Your avo-toast is a piñata, always exciting with unlimited possibilities." At the risk of being Lohan redundant, we're gonna go ahead and say yet again, "the limit does not exist"!

Well, with infinite possibilities and an abundance of options, Chef Izzy TRULY has gone above and beyond in answering our initial question of "Why Is Brunch Such A Thing?" and enlightened even the most avid brunchers, such as ourselves, with her extensive knowledge on the beautiful merger of Breakfast & Lunch.

And in the famous words of David Gates, "That's All She Wrote". The time has come for us to part ways for now and as we do so, Chef Izzy waves us "Sayonara" and leaves us on this memorable note:

“Enjoying brunch is synonymous to living your best life."

image of alice in wonderland inspired stir me brunch cocktail beverage

Now my friends, the brunch gods have made it clear... "Brunch Is A Thing" and it's just getting bigger, better and more "Beverly Hills" as time goes on.

Comment below your favorite brunch spots and tell us your brunch poison of choice! Do you love yourself a Mimosa, Peach Bellini, or are you an OG bruncher and order "mimosas, hold the orange juice" (Legen...wait for it...DARY)?! 

In final words, we'd like to give a massive round of applause and thank you to Chef Izzy for her wealth of knowledge and awesome company! Be sure to follow her on IG @chefizzy_ !

Until next time at The Rosé Room, 

Signing Out. Xo

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