3 Reasons Why You Need This Rosé At Your Next Virtual Brunch

"And on the seventh day, god gave us brunch".

Pre-pandemic, many of us created our own Sunday Sermon traditions, trading mass for mimosas and making brunch our new religion. 

But, since the quarantine had us all on lockdown and restaurants everywhere being take-out only, what's to do about Sunday Brunch? Well, as you have probably seen on the million and one IG stories, people have now Sunday Brunch - VIRTUAL. 

'Twas a sunny Wednesday afternoon at the Davy Jones Liquor Locker in Venice, and there she shone in all her glory - Day Owl. Honestly, what really closed the deal on me walking this fine bottle of rosé to the checkout was the eloquently, yet powerfully, described bio of winemaker Alyssa Reynolds....

"She takes on the day, works hard and makes sh*t happen."

image of day owl rosé wine review pinterest graphic

It was around 6 pm and I still had a plethora of tasks ahead of me, so I wanted something to take the edge off but at the same time be able to reignite me and push me through the day, just how Alyssa crushes it every day, all day! It wasn't a super dark rosé, but it was dark enough for me to know it would pair wonderfully with something fried / spicy, and I was already craving spicy thai pork, so I knew this would be a match made in heaven! 

day owl rosé wine front label 

Who are the brains behind Day Owl Rosé?

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so I'm just going to leave this label right here, because these words are literally the reason I decided to buy the bottle.

Alyssa Reynolds is the winemaker, whom we would be HONORED to get an exclusive interview with her, so stay tuned because we'd love to get some more inside scoop from her to share with you, even more inspiration than a bottle alone will give you! 

Day Owl Rosé Wine 2019 Back Label 
What Should You Pair Day Owl With?

This wine was DIVINE with a traditional spicy pork dish (think like crispy pork or drunken noodle w/ crispy pork) from a Thai spot! The good peeps at "We Speak Wine", also made some rad suggestions on what to drink this divinity with. CLICK HERE to see what they recommend! And, what the team at Day Owl suggests on their site are spicy poke tacos... This sounds amazing!!!!!

How does Day Owl taste?

Directly from the words of the winemakers themselves, "Day Owl Rosé radiates with ruby red grapefruit, strawberry, and tangerine. A hint of rose water....". I must say, a rosé with strawberry is always a winner for me, but what I noticed that was different about this wine is that the strawberry is paired with grapefruit. And, let me tell you, it was MIND-BLOWING. As your brunch is still delicately gracing your palate, take a sip or two of the Day Owl Rosé and you will keep that party going! The intriguing fusion that this particular wine creates when pairing it with food is like no other.

*There's a reason that there's more than one of these bottles in my box of rosés to review!*

When should you drink Day Owl Rosé?

Day Owl Rosé is most definitely great for a boozy midday brunch. Be sure to line up the lox benedict and belgian waffles with powdered sugar and berries, the rich nature of each dish will complement this rosé to the heavens and back. She's also a phenomenal mid-late afternoon rosé. The deeper the color, the later in the day I drink it. 

Where can you buy Day Owl?

CLICK HERE to shop the Day Owl site directly! I bought mine in person from the Davy Jones Liquor Locker in Venice and you can definitely find stores local to you on their site! 

And, WHY do you need this rosé at your next virtual brunch?

1. It tastes amazing. This wine has a hearty, bold, depth to it that is rare when it comes to a rosé wine. 

2. Day Owl doesn't get you down. Not only an amazing thirst quencher, Day Owl really helps keep you going through the grind. So drink up without feeling like you're raging!

3. It's prime for food pairing and especially great with popular brunch items such as lox benedict, belgian waffles and more!

So, there we have it! There's 3 massive reasons to make Day Owl Rosé a staple at your next Frosé fountain!

Now what are you waiting for? For me, during the quarantine I have truly learned lots more about food and wine pairing.... so head over to Day Owl and grab yourself some fab rosé to sip on while still gettin' sh*t done as the ladies at Day Owl, like to say! And the label does just what it says!

While I was steady sippin', I was also steady gettin' shit done. All-in-all, major shoutout to winemaker Alyssa Reynolds for making a sensational rosé (trust and believe I've sipped a LOT of rosé in my time), that not only caters to relaxation but also rejuvenation!

Cheers darlings and CLICK HERE to read how you can swim in a pink ocean of rosé this quarantine. To everyone, stay home, stay safe and stay in The Rosé Room. Catch y'all on the next sip - ON CAMERA!

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