Swim in a #PinkOcean of Rosé This Quarantine.

People, a more "Instagrammable" holiday season has never been known to mankind in all of history! So to celebrate all of these beyond riveting festivities, we got together with BJ at Rosé Bubbles to get the hype on the hottest canned Rosé to hit the market thus far.

Before we jump into the heart of this bubbly memoir, I wanted to establish two things that TRULY make this brand so cool to me. Number One - the virality latent tagline that the brand possesses "Welcome To The Rosé Spritz Revolution". Number Two - the totally Insta-worthy hashtag #PinkOcean. First of all, the tagline makes me feel like I'm endorsing "The Catalina Wine Mixer" - think "It's The Rosé Spritz Revolution" (***Will Ferrell voice***) LOL, and secondly making all my dreams come true swimming in a pink ocean of Rosé. So, what exactly is this ingenious revolution that these "beverage entrepreneurs from the West Coast" are bringing to us?

First & foremost, let's establish that they are the "ONLY Rosé Spritz in a can", bringing a super fun aspect to the canned Rosé craze with a low ABV (Alcohol By Volume). This way you can still enjoy "being out and turning the days into nights with friends, without getting faded"! And this is super on point, because when I first received my shipment of Rosé Bubbles, I popped it open with so much glee and I was designing a new sweatshirt at the time. I couldn't understand how I could sip, sip away and have my creativity enhanced to a whole 'nother level, yet stay level-headed which is total contrast from the usual #RoséAllDay Sunday Brunch that we have all experienced. So guys, I am living proof that the low ABV from the Spritz aspect actually makes a HUGE difference and takes my love for Rosé to a new level, if that's even possible. #gamechanger

As we chat with BJ, you can feel the excitement oozing, or should we say BUBBLING (pun totally INtended), out of him. It all makes sense how this magical can of fabulosity came to be when he shares with us that their "background is in health and wellness beverages; with them having equity in powerful brands" such as "Vita Coco & Dirty Lemon". For those of you not familiar with the usual journey for an entrepreneur, on average it takes an entity four years to take an idea from concept to cash. But this company took a lightning speed timeframe of just eight months to go from concept to can, and by default, concept to can to cashflow!

So, what is this amazing canned concept that has been brought to life? Well, in a nutshell, we are told that "Rosé Bubbles is the perfect option as a low ABV offering to Rosé. We like to think that we are her prettier, younger sister. We are simply rosé wine, sparkling water, and juice." And with only 5 grams of sugar, 90 calories and an ultra-low ABV of 5%, you can LITERALLY sip away on these unicorn-esque cans of magic, all day. Can we say #RoséAllDay!

pics of rosé canned wine and red velvet cupcakesBJ goes on to share with us that they "definitely always innovate; it's in their core." Yet whilst to the masses, it may seem like being a revolutionary innovator makes life super straight forward, being SO innovative can, at times be a blessing and a curse. He goes on to share "we always do things differently and they are usually a few years ahead of their time, which makes it difficult to market and find early adopters." But don't let this scare you off from showcasing all of your new-age ideas, because as he then tells us "we always hear people tell us, “man I wish thought of this.” That is the fun part." And THAT, my friends, is the beauty of a brilliant mind. But don't think that this company is the first super new-age idea that they have had. They also combined the trending & nutritional value of coconut water and coffee. We are told, "think coconut water. Think coffee. And VOILA, Coco Cafe in Venice Beach was born."

The next thing that we are all super curious to know, is what's this #PinkOcean hype all about? "The pink ocean is anywhere you want to be anytime. It's a coast of endless desire and your ship is set to sail once you pop the top of a Rosé Spritz." The way that the description of the #PinkOcean phenomenon flowed to me felt like a whimsical journey to freedom channeling major #Wanderlust vibes. People, magic really does exist and it's all thanks to a can of your favorite bubbly.

Now as we speak of your rosé that embraces everything that the millennial generation literally obsesses over, as millennials we are often accused of being responsible for the demise of just about every age-old industry. Yet, in a twist of fate thanks to our parched palates constantly craving the lux life, we (as a generation) did manage to turn what could have been a simple summer trend, into a $45 MIL booming business, thanks to our habit of stocking our fridges with rosé, as if it's water.

And the folks at Rosé Bubbles acknowledge the necessity of giving their product "millennial appeal". BJ goes on to say "millennials are the culture. Everything is driven off what millennials desire. We like the fact that data we have seen showed cans and rosé at very high velocities. We decided to make our twist particularly emulating what we see in the millennials hands; cans of low ABV beverages. No one can deny that millennials, along with my girlfriend, would choose to swim in a pink ocean of rosé if allowed. In reality you have to cater to the needs of the culture and we are in the midst of millennials building their vision for our nation. Never thought we would get old and to look at the younger generation thriving, it’s awesome! They are doing laps around what we were able to envision in some respects."

It's literally like the brand took every single aspect of our generation into consideration when they made this pink can of magic; the color (Millennial Pink), the on-the-go style, and super hashtag worthy slogans! As we said earlier, "It's The Rosé Spritz Revolution!"

Marilyn Monroe inspired wine cooler ice bucket

While we are on the topic of all things millennial and all things trending, I couldn't help myself but to ask BJ his thoughts on Rosé (in general) being coined the "Gatorade Of The Hamptons" and if the team was already in the industry for "The Great Hamptons Rosé Shortage Of 2014"!! He went on to share that "the Hampton’s are a total east coast flow. My aunt lives out there and summers are like no other. It’s a different energy out there than what we are used to seeing in the West, but I see those vibes out here now too and it’s a testament to the influencers who have created the industry. The Fat Jewish is the leader in many regards to canned wine. His team did a tremendous job with their "Hampton’s Is Out Of Rosé" campaign. They are smart distributor minded organization as well. We like the fact that we are a little different whilst we target a Rosé drinker we can bring in many folks who may not really drink Rosé on the regular. We definitely think the Hampton’s needs to hydrate and if Rosé is what will allow them to execute at a high level more power to it!"

As we come to the close of what has to be one of the most exciting interviews/blog posts that I've ever done, we have to touch on a really important topic, #Sustainability. In the age of sustainability, we LOVE the whole sustainable straw movement which companies like Loliware, have taken to the next level creating an EDIBLE straw. With a slogan of "Designed To Disappear", these straws combine seaweed elements with multiple other properties that make a straw that you can EAT! As far as Drink Rosé is concerned, they "often partner with new age straw companies for events and have for many years. And coming from generations of "hustlers as well", we often work with our family who "sells plant based cups, so seeing all of these sustainable trends in beverage is amazing. Things like seeing an edible straw, out of France, that is made with a mint. Now, THAT is a killer idea."
canned rosé wine and red velvet cupcakes poolsideAnd not only shall we get jiggy with the Rosé but also people GET SOCIAL with them on Instagram and Facebook! And last but not least, head over to Drink Rosé Bubbles and order a few packs of their legendary liquid using the code "BUBBLES" to get free shipping!

Thank you SO much for your time BJ and also thank you for creating a product that not only has increased my Rosé obsession but also makes me feel like my juice cleanse to prep for Summer 2K21 is actually going to be infused with the Rosé Spritz Revolution. #PinkOcean here I come!

Until next time darlings,

The Rosé Room. Xo

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