Meet the NYC artist and designer who creates wearable art in honor of fighting injustice

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There comes a moment in life that you feel something so indescribable that you know you have to pursue it with a passion like no other. Daren had that pivotal moment as a child and has never looked back. He grew up in the 80’s, one of the most revolutionary decades in this country known to man….until now that is. He’s taken his passion for life, for culture, for art and has truly transformed his trajectory into one of the most unique forms of fashion that we have ever seen.

image of vintage repurposed jackets created by daren chambers founder of resurrect by night

You see, when people think art they think sculptures, painting, framed decor to grace the walls of their interiors. When people think of fashion, they think garments, clothing, necessities. But, what if we could marry the two worlds, recreate a tale of two cities, whilst revolutionizing society as we know it? Well, that’s exactly what Daren has done with the launch of his brand, Resurrect By Night. A fierce collection of frondeur inspired fashion with an empowering message of curated change. The first piece of Daren's that I came across was this t-shirt.

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A bold image with a raunchy touch of controversy in the caption, I was hooked in an instant. But, why? What exactly was it about this art that captivated me so intensely? I sat and pondered on this for some time until I realized it was because in that very moment, Daren had been able to remotely evoke in me the emotions based on an extremely liberating experience that your body oh so desperately craves. Lust, passion, art and conviction. All in that statement piece. I had been whisked away to a land of tranquility, ever so fondly reminiscing on the sweet, sweet feeling of freedom that one can enjoy, even if it is only for a fleeting moment when you take that drag of a cigarette, immediately after sex.

For those of you that have never experienced this, allow me to walk you down memory lane for a moment. You inhale with such deliberated intention and the whole world goes silent. In a split second, it’s an epiphany with so much power yet a purely indescribable emotion, that’s utterly silent. THIS is how it feels to smoke a cigarette after sex. It feels liberating, inspiring, evocative, sexy and empowering. You take a drag. Your body rushes. Then silence. It's just you, your serenity and the pleasure pulsating through every single vein in your body.

And, in my opinion, an artist with the ability to so strongly resonate with your inner desires, hopes and dreams, is a rarity that many will never come across, even one time in their life. 

So, how did Daren come to be the founder of Resurrect By Night? Being raised in the 80’s by Black and Puerto Rican parents in the Bronx, who were both Black Panthers, Daren was destined for liberated greatness.

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His dad was his role model, his idol, his icon and to this very day he still channels his father’s inspiration and love for life into his art as he tirelessly repurposes every t-shirt, every jacket, every creation.

image of daren's father who was a black panther and social rights activist in the 1980's

Starting out painting at age six and then going on to give back to his community by becoming an art teacher under various non-profit organizations, he always knew that he wanted to merge art and fashion in a way that would not only help others, but truly impact the community on a global scale. 

As I write this article, I am so overwhelmed with gratitude to have the opportunity to interview Daren, because his story is truly so compelling and you can sense the compassion as he creates. Each piece is painted by hand, a true visionary, he takes the night to resurrect vintage pieces and conceptualizes the item before he takes paint to canvas. He then hand paints each item, as he sparks a desire inside you to do better, with every collection. 

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Each piece tells a story and projects a future cause into the mind of the beholder.

image of resurrect by night history tells everything snapback hat

His mantra is “Wear The Art” and words truer have never been spoken. His art screams non-conformity meets passion meets love. image of resurrect by night creation

When you look at Daren’s creations, they are so raw, so real, so riveting that you feel as if you have been literally teleported back in time as his art evokes such a vivacious array of past memories whilst simultaneously taking you to a fantasy land, a land where you know that your most wildest dreams can become a thriving reality.

There’s a powerful affirmation that I listen to every morning that says, “Abundance flows to me as I continue to do good in the world”. Upon learning Daren’s story, this truly resonated with me because as he continued to make a change in his community and publish his works on Instagram, the SVP of Barneys Men’s Designer Collection discovered him and reached out to strike a deal. This encounter then led to Daren creating an exclusive collection for Barneys that consisted of 400 hand painted items. All of which sold out.

image of resurrect by night collaboration with barneys new york

Daren relished in the blessings with an extreme amount of gratitude that propelled him to where he is today. It really shows us that we can accomplish anything and everything that we put our minds to. 

As he continues to create each masterpiece, I ask him what lies ahead for the future? How does our modern-day revolution that has ensued post Mr. George Floyd’s brutally unjust passing impact the future plans for Resurrect By Night? 

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He shares that he would love to collaborate with the Black Lives Matter organization and create a unique collection called “Resurrect Justice In Amerika”, in which the proceeds can be donated to the BLM organization. Like so many of us today, protest movements throughout time opened Daren’s eyes and he wishes to honor all of those who have suffered so deeply at the hands of injustice, with so many sacrifices having been made in the name of change. As he continues to adorn us with each curated piece, he stirs a burning desire to do better, to make a  difference that's deep inside each and every one of us. 

With a story like Daren’s combined with such iconic art pieces, I’m sure you’re beyond amped up to go support his brand and proudly speak your reality into existence by wearing his art. So, how do you get access to one of these custom pieces? Daren's movement is an underground revolution where fashion marries art with the utmost exclusivity. He treasures the element of surprise with each release, surprising customers on his site with real-time updates when each item is available at select retailers. It's a modern-day treasure hunt if you will, and this time we're on the hunt for empowerment, freedom and liberation. CLICK HERE to "Wear The Art".

Daren, I just want to personally thank you for taking the time to tell your amazing story. You make such a difference to each and every one of us and I hope that as many people as possible can read your incredible memoirs and inspirational story. Your passion to create change through fashion and art is incomparable.

image of daren nyc artist and designer founder of resurrect by night streetwear brand
Daren Chambers - The Man Behind The Magic

Everyone, please share this article with as many people as you can, let’s support the possibility of Daren collaborating with BLM and continue to support artists everywhere as we revolutionize the world for generations to come!!! Each item that he creates makes the perfect addition to your brunching wardrobe, so be sure to go support him by choosing a special creation of his for your next Sunday brunch!

Stay tuned for our next spotlight story as we come together under the roof of The Rosé Room to join as one force, one unity. 

Until next time, 

Nakita Harris 

The Rose Room. Xo

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We need more inspiring stories like this, ones that tell the WHOLE story!! Thank you for this monument of inspiration!

Tiffany H. June 23, 2020

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